Thomas McGill Brochure
Thomas McGill makes beautiful,
top-of-the-line, hand-crafted, hard
wood furniture, and had professional photos taken of his work. Katie
used many of the photos to design
this tri-fold brochure, along with
2 insert cards featuring close-ups
of some of the furniture.

Kilkeary's Auto Body Brochure
Katie designed this tri-fold brochure for Kilkeary's Auto Body, who specilizes
in BMW & Mercedes Auto Body Work.

Greycourt Brochure
Greycourt is a wealth management
company and is in a league with other large wealth-management companies. They needed a classy brochure that would make a statement to their clients and prospective clients. Katie designed this brochure for them and the final printed piece includes translucent paper, foil stamping, embossing, and
custom pockets and bc slits.

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T. McGill Brochure
| T. McGill Insert Cards | Kilkeary's Brochure